Here comes the Neophyte!

I do not know how to start this blog. I am new here and obviously writing my first article. I know I am talking non-sense so let me start this. I am actually inspired by a friend to start my own blog. I find this very interesting since I can express anything I want and write whatever is on my mind. Other than that, I was told that we can also earn from blogging. How cool is that! I have yet to read more about becoming a good blogger and I am very excited to write thousands of articles! I am going to focus more on travelling since this is what I have been doing lately. I also like the idea of sharing my experiences to the readers especially to the travellers. I would also love to get some tips from travel experts and bloggers.

I am originally from the Philippines! Yesss I am a Filipina and currently in France, Rhone Alpes Region. To be specific, I live in the mountain area under the small village called Le Peychagnard. For those who are near Grenoble, does the village name sound familiar to you? Well, I would not be surprised if you do not know. I have been told several times by a few friends that they have never heard of this village. It is about an hour drive from Grenoble which is the main city. Since we are in the mountain area, it is freezing cold here and the snow is about 20cm already. Yeah I know it is so cool and I can actually build a snowman already. Haha! But I doubt I could do it since I get cold easily even with the right winter clothes on my body. It is actually my first time to experience winter and I can say that it is amazingly beautiful except from the fact that I am always shaking from the cold temperature. Well, I am sure I will get used to it in time. I am sharing to you some beautiful pictures taken from our small village Le Peychagnard! Wishing all of you a great winter and happy holidays!


Le Crey